There are always 3 sides to any disagreement, yours, theirs, and what actually happened….

This is particularly important to remember on a Sunday when we all tend to sit down at lunchtime with our families and quite often some differences of opinion will be exposed!

Our opinions, beliefs and values are built up over time and everybody is different, because we all have had very different life experiences up to this point in our lives.

Even since this time yesterday, everyone reading this post will have had a massively different set of experiences with billions of bits of information affecting those experiences.

If you can accept that reality then we should all be able to be a lot more tolerant of each other and each others different motives, beliefs and values 😀

As an example some people were watching the first ever women’s boat race on the Thames. For anyone involved in making that happen (particularly the women rowers) it would have been a massively emotional afternoon. For anyone watching the Grand National, they may have missed the significance of that moment as the two events overlapped each other!

Remember there are 3 sides to every story, yours, theirs and what actually happened!

We will examine this in more detail at in two weeks time.

In the mean time, remember to be more tolerant of others and have a very happy Sunday

Beautiful sunrise on this glorious Sunday morning…


PS good luck to Justin Rose in The Masters golf tonight
PPS good luck to my friend Cathy running in today’s Brighton Marathon!