Recommended Products

This is the Mic I use and its brilliant:

Foldable UK plug with 2 USB sockets :

Here is a more expensive Professional Microphone:

Cabin backpack – perfect for Ryanair:

Furry cover to deal with wind:

Great Backup Battery Option:

If you need to combine two Microphones (useful for interviews): 

magic whiteboard is amazing I’ve used these for years:

An alternative tripod/selfie stick to hold your phone steady:

A tripod to hold the phone steady:

A small clip on lighting ring, great for low light levels:

Cool sticker-less “Rubiks” style cube:

Phone holder for the car:

Or a cheaper alternative:

Useful for keeping wine fresh, if you don’t drink a full bottle:

I don’t have one of these yet, but this one has been recommended to me: