Find Your Fire In 15 Days

Have you ever had one of those days when you didn’t want to get out of bed & you felt like the world was getting on top of you?

Do you sometimes feel like you have too many choices & you don’t know which one was the right one to pick?

Did you get really frustrated and find yourself having arguments inside your own head for hours on end trying to work out what the best thing to do was?

I certainly did and I wished I knew who I could turn to and ask the questions I felt like I needed to ask; someone to bounce ideas off and confide in without having to worry about them judging me or making me feel any worse

I didn’t know how I was going to move forward, I didn’t know how I was going to turn my life around and get it back on track and get it back to the place it was meant to be, I didn’t know who I could turn to and I was scared to make a fool of myself and admit the problems that I was having to anyone else.

I could see everybody else around me having fun, being happy & being successful and I just felt like I wasn’t where I needed to be, everyone thought I was happy and I didn’t want anyone to know that wasn’t the case. It was until much later that I found out that a lot of those people were faking it and that actually, I was more successful and happier than they were, they were just better at hiding it!

But you don’t want to know how to hide it, you want to know how you can get from where you are right now where I am right now!

Well, what I found over last few years is how to dig myself out of a bad day.

In the past having a bad day used to mean weeks of recovery. In fact, I had a really bad anxiety attack in 2012 and it probably took me 3 months to recover from it and that was with the help of antidepressants! I now feel like I don’t need the pills anymore because I have a series of techniques that I use to raise myself out those holes and feel happier every day almost whenever I want, but certainly whenever I choose to.

After all, there are some days when you just don’t feel like you want to be feeling good and you just want to have a day off and THEN there are other days when you feel miserable and you want to feel better, or you have some stuff that needs to get done, and on those days you just want to break out of the slump and crack on with life.

Well, the great news is that you can! I certainly do, whenever I need to, although those low days hardly ever happen anymore because there are some preventative things you can do to stop yourself feeling low in the first place, it’s taken me years of learning and training and trial and error to figure out how to do it.

I’d like to teach you all this stuff over the next 15 days and fast track your journey to feeling better about yourself

Because if you are anything like I was 10 years ago, I know that you just want someone to help you figure it all out, someone to talk to about everything and someone to help you feel better about yourself and move forward in your life with confidence!

Well, let me just say that the reason I was struggling and feeling low was actually down two things. The first thing was my relationship with myself, I didn’t understand the conversations that I was having inside my head, I had no idea that I had a choice about the direction of that conversation. I learnt how to take back control and have happier and less crazy conversations inside my head.

The second thing was not understanding my relationships with the people around me and the friends I had but I didn’t even know I had, I didn’t understand why other people thought differently about the world around us. It used to drive me crazy that other people would think and act differently to me in the same situations. But now I understand so much more about how our minds process information, it all makes so much more sense now!

I will give you a series of tips and tricks to help you feel happier every day, so those low mood days are virtually non-existent in the future.

The only thing is though, that you have to WANT to overcome those blockages and you have to WANT to change your life because I won’t be able to help you unless you are willing to help yourself and recognise that unless something changes nothing will ever change. Because sometimes those changes can be uncomfortable and some of the conversations can be uncomfortable but that’s a good thing because stretching your comfort zone allows you to find a new way of living, in fact, a HAPPIER way of living!

Don’t worry though, it’s amazing how relaxed, easy going and trustworthy you’ll find the process to be.

Here’s what will happen over the next 15 days

  • Day 0 : 20 min Phone call to set the stage and understand where you are now, this call may be longer if needed…
  • Day 1 : 20 min Skype/Zoom call to get to know each other “in person” a bit better
  • Day 2 : 20-40 min walk and talk on the phone in nature
  • Day 3-14 : 30 min chat each day – ideally in nature if possible
  • Day 15 : 40 min wrap up and plan for the future
  • Daily Automated Text reminders every evening and morning.

and here are the bonuses you will get too:

  • Lee Milteers 21 Habit busting program (52 page ebook and over 5 hours of audio) worth over £100
  • A copy of my book when it is released (A companion workbook for this program)
  • A copy of a book from my recommended reading list, as relevant after the first conversation
  • A Sleep Hypnosis audio track
  • A Meditation audio track
  • An Affirmations audio track
  • My Slight Edge Habit tracking chart PDF

How much will it be?

    • £247 (less than £20 per day)