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About John


I am John V Denley (obviously) and I am Entrepreneur (MultiPotentialite) and Professional Speaker (more on that below). I currently have 3 parts to my entrepreneurial “empire”!!…

      1. First is a cloud based product called which is a system for businesses such as beauticians, chiropractors, driving schools, wedding dress shops and pet groomers and similar appointment based businesses to help them manage their appointments easier and automatically remind their customers via text messages.
      2. Second is Utility Warehouse (which I joined when trying to supply the internet to the above businesses) where we help you to save money on your utility bills and shopping by supplying gas, electricity,home phone, broadband and mobile all on one bill from one company. We also offer to save you money on their shopping from big high street stores and if eligible we can also now supply you with free LED light bulbs worth on average £500 which will reduce your electricity bills by around 11%.
      3. Finally and the main purpose of THIS website, is my personal development professional speaking workshops and seminars. If you want to know more about how to work with me or attend my workshops etc, please check out the work with John page
        • I struggled with depression for 10 years on and off and then developed a phobia of talking to girls. This started me on a journey of personal development to over come these issues. Eventually at the age of 40 I discovered that the reason I struggled to understand social situations was because I had an undiagnosed mild form of Aspergers (which in itself is a form of Autism). It turns out that we are all on the spectrum, its just that different people are just really good at different things!
        • I then started doing talks and workshops about how to understand why we all think the way we do and why different people will inevitably think differently to you. I then show how we can all overcome the limiting beliefs that have been formed by our past personal history and how you can change these stories so that you don’t let them control our future 😉

You can also check out my blog posts, which are mostly my thoughts about my current life and the people around me and how we can all learn lessons from those experiences. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and join me soon on a workshop, seminar or perhaps one of my online courses 😀

John in the media