No really, it is, you just need a little practice, a half decent memory and a smidgen of spacial awareness.

If you can do one side (with all the side colours correct) fairly easily then you should have no trouble at all. If you struggling to get those side colours correct, then you are going to find it a little tougher.

If you cant even do one side, then we really do have our work cut out, and you may need a lot of patience and determination. Having said all that its still pretty easy to do it, if you really want to.

I’ve put together a series of videos on YouTube (Rubiks Made Easy Videos) to show you exactly how to do it, I really do take my time to explain each move and I try to make sure that its not just a list of horrible “algorithms” that you just have to learn, and then repeat over and over until they produce the result you want.

My method, should allow you to actually understand what you are doing, and why you are doing it, and how it all works.

Please do have a go, leave lots of comments on the videos especially if you have any trouble, or don’t understand anything.

To summarise the method I use there are basically 5 steps to it:

  1. The top layer cross
  2. The top layer corners
  3. The second layer
  4. The bottom layer cross
  5. The bottom layer corners

And there are only 8 moves to learn (or 11 if you include the Left and Right hand moves):

  1. move the side pieces to the top layer (2 REALLY basic moves)
  2. move the corner pieces to the top layer (Left Hand and Right hand versions plus one additional move)
  3. move the second layer side pieces (Left Hand and Right Hand versions)
  4. create the cross on the bottom (two moves to use, but the second one is the same as the one used in the next step)
  5. align the cross colours on the bottom (the second move above)
  6. move the corners around (Left Hand and Right Hand versions)

So thats it, grab a Rubiks cube, find a quiet Sunday afternoon (about 1-2 hours), amaze yourself at how easy it is, then go out and stun your mates with what you learnt over the weekend!

Rubiks Made Easy Videos