Sunrise - Run

The most dangerous lies

The most dangerous lies are the lies you tell yourself everyday... Do you know what they are? "I can't....." Really? Who said you can't? Specifically? Has anyone else done it? Have you even tried? How many times? Have you actually done it at least 10 times? Really?...

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My Old Blogs (prior to Friday 13th March 2015)

Every day(ish) I go for a run and take a photo of the sunrise. Then I write about what I thought about on my run. It's only about 1 mile, but it's enough to clear my head, get me out of breath and let my mind wander. I base most of it on what I am grateful for in my...

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Find Your Fire

If you want to learn how to live your life on purpose and enjoy every day, please attend one of my Find Your Fire workshops where we cover a lot of the subject contained below in a little more depth and with practical exercises/demonstrations so you learn and remember...

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Breakthrough 2014

Click here for the next Breakthrough event...   We are running a fantastic value full day of personal development including a firewalk at the end of the day. We are raising funds for two charities: Children Today and WYCE. Speakers on the day include Terry...

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