I had a very interesting idea yesterday while talking to a friend. He is always ruminating on the past and wishing he could do things differently. He spends hours thinking about stuff that’s gone, things he cannot change because they are in the past. As a result he struggles with depression regularly.

I said to him, “how would you feel if you COULD change your past, would you actually do things differently?”

So I set him a little challenge. I gave him an opportunity to change his past!

You see on Friday (tomorrow) there will be things you wish you had done today, but that you didn’t. So on Friday you will be saying to yourself “I wish I’d done that yesterday”…

Here’s the great opportunity: You CAN change your past right now because that past hasn’t happened yet. You can do that thing today, so that tomorrow you won’t regret not doing it!

For my friend that thing is to cut the grass today, he doesn’t want to do it, but we both know that on Friday he is going  to beat himself up and ruminate about the fact that he didn’t do it. Ultimately he will get depressed about not doing it and he will wish that he had etc…

He knows he will feel like that and he knows he will wish that he could go back and change things…  Well here’s the thing, he CAN…  its only Thursday morning

It’s Groundhog day,  he gets to do Thursday all over again and do it differently this time!

And below is Thursdays sunrise to remind you that you do get to do Thursday all over again right now and do it better this time!

Have an amazing second Thursday everyone 😀 <3 <3

PS 17 days until www.FindYourFire.co.uk