This morning I read a story about two kittens who discovered a big pail of cream and started lapping it up, eventually they had to lean in so far that they slipped and fell in. For a while they loved it, swimming around and drinking the cream.

Eventually though they got tired and wanted to get out. Then some of their little kitty friends arrived and started jeering at them and making fun of the fact that they had fallen into the pail. One of the kittens got despondent and upset and eventually stopped swimming and he sank into the cream.

The other kitten however got very excited and seemed to be renewed by their taunts and kept swimming and thrashing around in the cream. Eventually the cream turned into butter and the kitten just walked out of the pail.

The other kittens then asked the first kitten why she had kept going even though they were jeering and shouting that she wouldn’t make it…

Oh She said, I’m a little bit deaf, and I thought you were encouraging me and telling me that I could make it!!

The morale? Similar to my last post, be careful who you spend the most amount of your time with, are they lifting you up, or dragging you down? If they are dragging you down, then just imagine them as cheerleaders instead of negative nellies.

Pretend that they are lifting you up and encouraging, be deaf to their negativity, change their words in your head to “we can’t do that, we wouldn’t be able to do what you are doing, we admire you for trying so hard, we wish we were as good as you, please show us how to do it and price to us that it’s possible, then maybe we can join you….”

Oh and by the way, always remember that sometimes the worst critics are inside your own head….

Have an awesome Tuesday everyone 😀

PS The kitten story is taken from “Living With Passion” the book that is today’s “10 pages of a life enhancing/educational book”