I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a long time, perhaps now is the time!

Shout out to Hannah Witton whose blog post “What is Love” prompted meimage to write this in reply to her!

Her photo is perfect as my headline, so I hope she doesn’t mind me using it!

I was listening to the Atomic Kitten track “Whole Again” some time ago, listening to the lyrics it says at one point:

“if you see me with another man,  laughing and joking doing what I can,
I won’t put you down, ’cause I want you around,
’cause you can make me whole again.”

Got me thinking, that’s a really messed up situation to be in, you are with another man thinking about how someone else is the one who can make you whole again!

Then it occurred to me, what IF the song was not about another person, but about the part of you that you lost some time ago, the part of YOU that you stopped loving. Our self belief (or self loathing)

OMG, what if ALL love songs were actually all about learning to love YOURSELF?

Yup,  I blew my own mind  at that point and have never listened to a schmaltzy love song in the same way ever again! Yes, I know there are definitely a lot that are about a specific other person, but if you listen to the lyrics a huge number of them can be spun to be about yourself!!

Can it really be that the most important person we need to learn to love on the whole world is ourselves?!

After all, how can anyone else love us, if we don’t even love us?

We need to make ourselves “Whole Again” 😀