Infinite Possibilities Project

2016 Planning

Day 6 of 30 of the #InfinitePossibilitiesProject : Today we look at what baby steps we can take towards obtaining our goals, in this blog I also point to a new tool I am using to stick to my daily goals, and which I am finding is working really well for me so far…

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2016 Visualising

Day 5 of 30 of the #InfinitePossibilitiesProject : Todays task was visualisation Mike asked us to sit quietly and visualise our goals as if we had already achieved them. This was an amazing experience, I really didn’t think I would be any good at this, but once I got started it actually become fun!…

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2016 Vision Board

Day 3&4 of 30 of the #InfinitePossibilitiesProject : Day 3 was to get into the detail of my 2016 goals and Day 4 was to start to create some kind of visual feedback of those goals. I have combined both into one as it seemed to make most sense and created a Pinterest vision board…

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2016 Theme & habit busting

Day 2 of 30 of the #InfinitePossibilitiesProject : Todays task is to “Get a theme for 2016” and its been really tricky to get it down to just a few words but here’s what I’m going to go for, which of course ties in nicely with yesterdays 5 goals:

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2016 Goals

Day 1 of 30 of the #InfinitePossibilitiesProject : Todays task is to “Get clear on the new year” by listing at least 5 general goals for 2015, nothing too specific at this point apparently. I am sure these will be expanded upon over the next 30 days…

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Do you want to Fall Into Deep Sleep In Minutes & Wake Up to Peak Mental Performance?

Fall Into Deep Sleep In Minutes & Wake Up to Peak Mental Performance


Yes please John, I would love to join you on a future walk!

No commitments, you can leave this list anytime, but if you saw me at Stratford or on facebook live this is also where you can register for the custom Rubiks cubes and the PDF sheet of my 15 steps, plus advance notice of my book when it gets released! I will email you and allow you to choose which is your preference!

Woohoo, hope to see you soon...