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Thanks for visiting my website, I am John V Denley (obviously) and I am an entrepreneur (founder of and and a professional speaker helping people overcome any limiting beliefs they might have that are holding them back from living the life they should be living! If you want to learn more about me, rather unsurprisingly, check out my ‘about me‘ page! 😀

Over there you will also find out more about how I also help people financially by helping them make some extra money (alongside what they are already doing) and also help them save more of what they do make so they can spent it on some of lifes little luxuries!

Below you will see my latest Blog posts, which are mostly my thoughts about my current life, the people around me and how we can all learn lessons from those experiences.

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Create your inner cheerleader

This morning I read a story about two kittens who discovered a big pail of cream and started lapping it up, eventually they had to lean in so far that they slipped and fell in. For a while they loved it, swimming around and drinking the cream. Eventually though they...

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2016 Visualising

Day 5 of 30 of the #InfinitePossibilitiesProject : Todays task was visualisation Mike asked us to sit quietly and visualise our goals as if we had already achieved them. This was an amazing experience, I really didn’t think I would be any good at this, but once I got started it actually become fun!…

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