A Walking Retreat


Have you ever just wanted to get away and spend a week focussed entirely on helping yourself feel better about life?

I can be thought of as a personal trainer for your mind…

I help you understand yourself better and build up your mental fitness so that you are able to avoid (or overcome) Stress, Anxiety and Depression (SAD) – ideally without the drugs!!

On Sunday 15th April 2018, I will be walking 100 miles in 7 days on my first walking retreat in North West Spain… Leaving from Santiago, heading out to walk along the Atlantic coast and arriving back in Santiago 7 days later to fly back (into Stansted) on Sunday 22nd April and I want YOU to join me 😀 

This is the extra part of the 500mile Camino de Santigo which I walked in Spring of 2016 (see my full blog/photos here)

This, however, is a walking retreat and like many other retreats, it’s designed to help you escape from the hamster wheel of your life for a few days. It is obviously not the full Pilgrimage but you WILL still get a certificate for completing at least 100miles of the journey!

You could say that this walk will allow you to “detox your life“! We will spend the week exploring & improving your mental fitness, in particular learning my 15 steps to everyday happiness (FindYourFire.co.uk).

You will also get potentially hours of 1-1 work with me on any limiting beliefs, phobias & life challenges you might be struggling with…

You will also be exercising (walking) every day, meditating and practising mindfulness & you will lose weight during the week, potentially around 3lbs (see my personal story here).

Imagine spending a week with Tony Robbins  and if you don’t like Tony, think of your personal favourite personal development ‘guru’. Whoever you are picturing, Imagine spending a week with them! Now I know I’m not as famous as them yet, and I don’t have their track record YET, but that’s why a week with me is only £497 and not £49,700!!

We have all heard the quote, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”


Your first step?

Simply decide to join me  and click the button!!

The total 2018 cost, including ALL basic accommodation* and food (breakfast, dinner and normally wine too!) but excluding flights for the week is £497.
*upgrades may be available along the way

This is nearly 80% off the planned 2019 cost of £1997

Any questions drop me an email on John@JohnVDenley.com

OR If you are ready to commit now: