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My Tips for feeling happier every day are taken from 10 years of reading books and listening to audios and taking all the parts which worked for me to help me on the days when I was feeling low. These low days happen very infrequently now thanks to doing most of these 15 points every day 😀

You can see the books that I used to create this list on my Inspirational Books page. These points will be fully expanded on in my book which is due to be published in October 2016. Sign up for advanced notice of the book launch and any events over on the right of this post.

    • PART ONE: Being Happy
      • Gratitude
      • Music
      • Friends
      • Activities
      • Reading
    • PART TWO: Being Healthy
      • Eating
      • Nature
      • Fitness
      • Breathing
      • Present
    • PART THREE: Taking Control
      • Bedtime
      • Thoughts
      • Money
      • News
      • Vices

Below is my original flyer for these points, as you will see there were only 14 points originally, can you spot what I missed?!

P1 FYF Flyer


P2 FYF Flyer



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