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improve your mood

My 15 steps for everyday happiness are taken from 10 years of reading books and listening to audios and taking all the parts which worked for me to help me recover from depression 3 times. These low days happen very infrequently now thanks to doing most of these 15 points every day. In the past if I had a low day it could take me up to 2 weeks to recover, I can now do it within 24 hours!

Doing these 15 steps regularly will build up your mental fitness (resiliance) levels so that if something comes along in your life that might have previously knocked you over, then you can bounce back that much easier. If your resilience levels are low then you may struggle to cope with those knock backs, then may even knock you over and depression can set in.

It’s just like your physical fitness, if you lead a very sedentary lifestyle and do not exercise regularly then it would be very hard to run away from, or fight a threat, but if you exercise regularly then it becomes that much easier to fight or run away from a threat! These days we don’t often have physical threats, but with modern life pressures like social media and the changing workplace, it’s now mental fight more than a physical one!

You should not feel like you need to do all these things all the time, but the more you do the more often you do them the more mentally fit you will become and the easier it will be to cope with lifes unexpected surprises!

My 15 steps are:

🔥 Practice daily gratitude,

🔥 Learn to breath better,

🔥 Learn to manage your self talk,

🔥 Practice Meditation & Mindfulness,

🔥 Develop good daily routines,

🔥 Be aware of what you feed your mind,

🔥 Read life enriching books,

🔥 Listen to uplifting music,

🔥 Get out into nature,

🔥 Get out of breath every day,

🔥 Eat good food,

🔥 Spend time with people who lift you up,

🔥 Do more activities that you enjoy,

🔥 Avoid bad daily habits,

🔥 Ensure that you spend less money than you make.

Yes please John, I would love to join you on a future walk!

No commitments, you can leave this list anytime, but if you saw me at Stratford or on facebook live this is also where you can register for the custom Rubiks cubes and the PDF sheet of my 15 steps, plus advance notice of my book when it gets released! I will email you and allow you to choose which is your preference!

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